Instructive Anecdote Number One
A policeman, walking down a street one night, notices a man on his hands and knees under a street light. "What are you doing?", asks the policeman. The man replies, "I am looking for my keys." "Did you lose them here?" the policeman asks. "No," says the man, "I lost them down there, but there is more light here."

Instructive Anecdote Number Two
The wise old man of the village was asked how to kill a flea. "Simple," he replied. "You pick up the flea between thumb and forefinger and gently squeeze its jaws. When the flea opens its mouth, you insert a sharp pointed stick and give it a turn. The flea is killed instantly." "But ," protested the inquirer, "would it not be easier to simply squash the flea?" "That," replied the old man, "is another alternative."

Instructive Anecdote Number Three
In the days before the Iron Curtain collapsed, washrooms in this communist country were imposing buildings. They had a classic facade and a large bronze-studded oak entrance door. You opened the door, and found yourself in a long corridor with a polished marble floor. There were chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and paintings on the walls. At the end of the corridor were two large, bronze-studded doors. The first was marked "Men" and the second "Women." You opened the appropriate door, and found yourself in another long corridor, with polished marble floors, chandeliers and paintings. At the end of this corridor were two doors: one marked "Under 25" and the other "Over 25." You opened the "Over 25" door and saw yet another long corridor with marble polished floors etc. At the end of this corridor were two large oak doors. The first was marked "Members of the Party" and the second "Not Members of the Party." You opened the door marked "Not Members of the Party," and found yourself back on the street.